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About the Project

In Memory of Lucy, Maia and Rina Dee HY”D

Project Three times Chai

On April 7th, during the Passover holiday, Lucy, Maia and Rina Dee were murdered by Palestinian terrorists. Mother Lucy (48) and daughters Maia (20) and Rina (15) were gunned down on their way to a family hike. They are survived by husband and father Rabbi Leo Dee and three siblings -' Keren, Tali and Yehuda.

The Dee Family moved to Efrat from London, England and immediately became an integral part of the community. Their deaths have left the Efrat community devastated. We are determined to honor their memories.

Together with the Dee Family, the Efrat Foundation will be funding three communal projects in memory of Lucy, Maia and Rina. During the funeral, Rabbi Dee requested that we display the Israeli flag to demonstrate that Am Yisrael Chai -' the nation of Israel lives.

Each project represents qualities of Lucy, Maia and Rina—allowing their memories and values to inspire us. As the number 18 represents life in Judaism, our goal is to raise $1.8 Million per project.

1. Rina Dee Youth Center -- A building for the Ezra youth movement. Rina was an active participant and youth counselor in the Ezra youth movement.

2. Maia Dee’s Spring
A "maayan" (spring), commemorating Maia's love for nature and water. It will be embedded in a beautifully designed landscape of foliage, flowers and trees, including picnic and play areas for all ages.

3. Lucy Dee Simcha Hall – An exquisite event hall to celebrate community and life events honoring Lucy's joyful disposition and her involvement in the community so near and dear to her.

Please give generously to honor the memories of these extraordinary women of Am Yisrael.

Do you know?

Donations to this project are tax deductible in Israel (section 46) , USA (501(c)(3)).

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