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תצפית שלמה אל בריכות שלמה

!בואו לקחת חלק במקום בו נפגשים העבר, ההווה והעתיד

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About the Project

Come join us in the place where the past meets the present and the future!

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Efrat, and in honor of our teacher, Mara Datra Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, we are building a spectacular observatory where residents and tourists will be able to enjoy a unique view of the ancient Solomon's Pools.
These pools are part of the water system that was built in the days of King Herod to carry water to Jerusalem and the Temple.

The observatory will be built at the northeastern end of the Solomon Promenade, and will include seating for up to 60 visitors, a pergola for shade, and beautiful greenery. The fence will be replaced by a glass railing that will allow guests to comfortably views their surroundings, and an audio explanation will be available in different languages.

We express our deep gratitude and appreciation to our teacher Rabbi Riskin, and with your help we will build the observatory for Solomon's Pools.
We are all grateful to our wonderful Rav!

Donations to this project are tax deductible in Israel (section 46) , USA (501(c)(3)).

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