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About the Project

We, the residents of Efrat, call on you to join us in a magical journey to establish a community forest on the slopes of the Dagan neighborhood. This forest will reflect and embody our ecological, social, and educational values. Making the nature around us available to everyone will bring us joy, enhance communal connections, and contribute to our quality of life.

In recent years we have witnessed the ongoing invasion of state lands adjacent to Efrat. This venture will enable us to protect what is ours, just as our pioneering ancestors did when they established the State of Israel.

We will plant hundreds of trees in the forest. We will grow fruit orchards, and create seating areas and playgrounds. We will forge trails for hiking, running, and off road biking around the Dagan, making urban nature accessible to everyone.

We hope that you will contribute generously to this important project.
Together we will contribute, plan, develop, strengthen, and preserve.
This project is in partnership with the Efrat Foundation
For more information feel free to contact one of us
Ido Gadasi 050 900 3417
Michael Shperber 050 680 0831
Pinny Rotter 0544316116

Donations to this project are tax deductible in Israel (section 46) , USA (501(c)(3)).

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